Mesut Ozil Makes Fenerbahce Transfer Official, Will Puma Sign Fenerbahce & Mesut Özil?

BREAKING: Mesut Özil has just made his move to Turkey official, with a television interview and by changing his social media profile picture to fit Fenerbahce's colors.

In quite unexpected news, Mesut Özil's time with Arsenal, his time without a boot supplier and Fenerbahce's time with Adidas could all soon be history.

According to the Turkish news agency DHA, the former playmaker of the German national team is close to signing a three-and-a-half year contract to join Fenerbahce. Fenerbahce would have also already agreed a deal with Puma to sponsor their new kits and also started negotiations with Mesut Özil over a sponsorship. Let us find out how likely each part of the story is.

All three deals are possible, but only the Fener x Puma kit deal seems very likely

Mesut Özil To Join Fenerbahce - Likelihood 50%

Mesut Ozil's transfer to Fenerbahce has a possibility of around 50% currently (53% on In fact, Özil's manager contradicted that he already agreed a deal with Fenerbahce.

"We are only now starting to look at the options with all the numbers and details," said Erkut Sögüt at ESPN: "If we want to leave in January, I have to speak to Arsenal. In the next seven to ten days it will be a little clearer because now that the transfer window is open, things can go faster."

Fenerbahce Has Apparently Agreed Puma Kit Deal - Likelihood 90%

As revealed by TRT Sports Correspondent @yagosabuncuoglu, Fenerbahçe's new jersey sponsor was PUMA. The launch of the Puma Fenerbahce kits would be held in June. According to the journalist, the launch of the kits will take place with a grand and magnificent ceremony of Puma Global. Two large Turkish agencies started to work on this issue.

We think the likelihood for the Puma Fenerbahce rumor to be correct is around 90%.

Mesut Özil To Join Puma - Likelihood <40%

Özil had been without a boot contract since the end of last season (2019-20) after agreeing to terminate his contract with Adidas (Adidas did not want to extend it was also said...). However, a Puma Özil deal is anything but certain yet.

Özil had been without a boot contract since the end of the 2019-20 season

Mesut Özil logo

Özil's move to Fenerbahce is anything but sure yet, the Puma x Fenerbahçe kit deal is also not official yet, so we think the likelihood for a Puma x Özil contract is below 40% currently.

What do you think of a possible Mesut Özil x Puma deal and the related Puma Fenerbahce deal? Comment below.