FC Barcelona Loses Beko As Sleeve Sponsor

Catalan giants FC Barcelona will have to find a new sleeve sponsor for the 21-22 season and beyond - Beko decided to only renew their sleeve agreement with the club.

Beko Remains FC Barcelona Training Sponsor For One Year (21-22 Season)

The new FC Barcelona Beko agreement does only include the training sponsorship and not the sleeve sponsorship anymore. The new one-year agreement will see Beko paying €10 million instead of previously almost €20 million / year.

The new one-year agreement is worth €10 millionAccording to the Spanish sports news website 2playbook, Beko had originally planned to renew the deal for five more years before the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Turkish company arrived at the club in 2014 appearing on the left sleeve of the shirt and on the back of the training kit. The first €8 million contract / season was more than doubled in early 2018 when Beko also became Barca's training sponsor.

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