LDU Quito 2021 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

We have kit news from Ecuadorian Serie A today as LDU Quito have launched their new Puma 2021 home, away and third shirts yesterday night.

Quito 2021 Home Kit

Check out Puma's LDU Quito 2021 home football shirt below.

The Puma L.D.U. Quito 2021 home jersey is mainly white, as usual. The Puma Quito 2021 home shirt comes with a subtle wavy graphic on the front, in addition to featuring navy blue on the panel on the upper back and shoulders. Red is used for some details inside the collar and for the Puma logos on the sleeves.

The phrase "103 años de grandeza y gloria" (103 years of greatness and glory) sits on the back of the neck.

Quito 2021 Away Kit

Check out Puma's LDU Quito 2021 away shirt below.

The Puma LDU Quito 2021 away football shirt is orange with navy applications. An outstanding feature is the crest - it comes with a big U instead of the usual club logo.

LDU Quito Puma 2021 Third Shirt

This is the new Puma LDU Quito third football shirt for 2021.

Probable the most stunning shirt of the collection, the Puma LDU Quito 2021 third football shirt combines a claret base with golden for applications and logos.

The crest just comes with the outlines and stars in gold to round off the logo.

The new Quito 2021 home, away and third kits are available for 65 USD.

Do you like Puma's new home, away and third kits for Quito? Let's hear your thoughts in the comments below the article.