Nike Wanted Neymar To Switch To Nike Phantom GT

Since late 2020, Neymar has been a Puma athlete, leaving Nike. Neymar's brand switch came very unexpected and was completed fast - this means that Nike already prepared Neymar's boots story for (the whole?) 2021.

Nike Planned To Release Neymar Phantom GT Signature Boots

Nike wanted Neymar to become the face of the Nike Phantom GT football boots silo from Summer 2021. The Swoosh would have released a Neymar signature football boot in Summer 2021, of which the design was already finished.

The info that Neymar would have become a face of the Nike Phantom GT football boot came very unexpected - in Spring 2021, Nike wanted to release a Neymar signature football boot based on the next-gen Nike Mercurial Vapor 14.

Next-Gen Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Neymar 2021 Signature Boot Products Leaked - To Be Never Released Because Of Puma Deal

Neymar was first the face of the Nike Hypervenom but did not like the silo since the second generation. Therefore, he reverted to his beloved Nike Mercurial boots.

So far, there is no info about a Puma Neymar signature football boot. However, we expect Puma to release one in 2021.

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