DC United 2021 Away Kit Released - 'The Marble Jersey'

The DC United 2021 away kit was released today. Featuring a marble pattern, the new DC United away shirt is called "D.C. United 2021 Marble Jersey" by the club.

DC United Adidas 2021 Away Shirt

This is the new Adidas DC United away football shirt for 2021.

The new DC United 2021 marble kit is white with a marble pattern. The marble design is representative of the iconic national monuments found in Washington, D.C.

"Marble is renowned for its strength and resilience; attributes that are constantly personified by the residents of the nation’s capital. Marble is also known for its individuality and diversity - no slab of marble is the same - and that is what makes it beautiful."

the red, white and blue stand for the colors of the US flag

Instead of the usual black and red, red, white and blue details round off the color scheme of the kit. Why? As the nation’s capital, the city is often viewed as a representation of the United States - the red, white and blue stand for the colors of the US flag.

The new DC United 2021 Marble Jersey features a new and updated “Unite the District” shirt tag.

The Adidas DC United 2021 away football shirt was released on 12 February 2021, while the 2020 home kit will of course get carried over.

Adidas DC United 2020-2021 Home Jersey

Made by Adidas. Do you like DC United's away kit? Comment below, and check out the 21-22 Kit Overview for all MLS kit leaks.