8 "Rumored" Kits For 2021-22

We have leaked many of next season's 21-22 kits in the past days. Some of them were leaked with rather blurry images while we created renders for others. Now Bleacher Report has created illustrations of eight "rumored" 2021-2022 kits.

Illustrations of Leaked Kits For 21-22 Season

All of Bleacher Report's 2021-2022 kit illustrations are based on our leaks. In fact, while Bleacher Report calls their project "Rumored kits for 2021/22", all of them except the Bayern Munich 21-22 kits are leaks - Bayern's is based on an early prediction.

All except Bayern are indeed based on actual leaks

There are some errorsHowever, while most of the uniforms are more or less reproduced correctly, there are some errors. In example, FC Barcelona's kit will be combined with half red half blue shorts, as leaked by Mundo Deportivo. All the shorts and socks of Bleacher Report's illustrations are just predictions.

Stay tuned as we expect more kits to be leaked, and check out all leaks in the Kit Overview in the meantime.

2021-22 Kit Overview: All 21-22 Kit Leaks & Info

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