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Kelme To Replace Adidas As Bosnia and Herzegovina Kit Maker Soon?

Last weekend, the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina continued. Bosnian football experts Reprezentacija have spotted that the referees wore new equipment.

Bosnian Premier League Referees Wear Kelme Jerseys

Instead of their usual Adidas jerseys, the referees wore jerseys from the Spanish sports brand Kelme. This follows up on news from two years ago when Bosnia and Herzegovina was already linked to Kelme.

At the end of 2018, it was reported that representatives of Kelme held meetings with the representatives of the National Assembly of the Football Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) about a possible cooperation. However, in the end, Bosnia and Herzegovina continued with Adidas. Their latest kits were just launched in 2020.

It seems possible that Kelme and the BiH will also sign a deal for the country's national kits, but everything is pure speculation as of now.

Would you like Kelme to produce the kits of Bosnia and Herzegovina? Comment below.