Nike To Lose China National Team & Super League Deals?

For several years, Nike has been sponsoring the Chinese national football team (Chinese Football Association - CFA) and the Chinese Super League (CSL) as league-wide supplier. Now reports from China suggest that Nike could lose both contracts.

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According to media specizalied in China, CFA and CSL 'expressed condemnation' against Nike in an internal meeting and claimed that they 'retain the rights of taking actions against the contracts'.

The pressure from the Chinese government is because of Nike's concern about the alleged use of Uighur forced labour in cotton production. Another company who also criticized China for it and now faces heavy pressure in China is H&M.

Many Chinese have called for boycotts, celebrities have cut ties and e-commerce platforms have dropped H&M.

Nike is the shirt maker of China national teams until 2026Nike is the shirt sponsor of China national teams until 2026 and all CSL teams until 2029.

On Thursday, training photos released by the CSL team Shanghai Shenhua show that the Nike logo cannot be seen on the players' uniforms.

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