Player Issue Nike Norway 2020 Away Kit Destroyed By Plain Back

The new Nike Norway 2020 away jersey was already released on 1 September 2020. However, only this week we get the first look at the player issue (authentic) version of the kit, and it is a downside.

Norway 2020 Authentic Away Kit Is Mainly White On Back

In contrast to the replica (Fan) version of the Nike Norway 2020 away jersey, the authentic version comes with a large white space on the back for the numbers and names.

The reason for the white space are UEFA kit regulations which ensure the numbers to be easily readable. However, the space did not have to be that big - UEFA kit regulations just say numbers must be legible "from at least 50m away" - a small solid-colored square would have been enough, but Nike opted for their standard (renowned) template.

UEFA Kit Rules That Force Teams To Change Kit Designs Most Often

The authentic version of the Nike Norway 2020 away kit is not available to buy.

Norway Nike 2020 Away Jersey

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