Only Bayern München 21-22 Home Kit To Feature Five Stars

Update: Bayern Munich has confirmed that only the club's 21-22 home kit will feature stars. All other jerseys (away & third) and gear come without stars. The five stars are placed next together on the home kit certainly.

Adidas produced all Bayern Munich 21-22 gear without stars, also the home

The reason for only the home kit to have five stars is likely simple - Adidas produced all the Bayern Munich 21-22 gear without stars (before knowing that Bayern would win the title), so they just have to add them on the home.

FC Bayern 21-22 Home Kit - Only Bayern 21-22 Product With Stars

FC Bayern 21-22 Products - All Without Stars

April 2020: Bayern to Add Fifth Star to 21-22 Kits - Update

Update: When looking through the official German Football League Kit Rules, we found out that the league has indeed a regulation that defines when a team gets the fifth star - for 30 titles. This was added in 2018 - it is not defined when a team gets a sixth star.

Bayern Munich are closing in on their ninth consecutive Bundesliga title and there could be some much-needed extra motivation.

Speaking ahead of his team's visit to Wolfsburg, head coach Hansi Flick stated the following: "I heard that we could get the fifth star with the title. That would be a nice thing. We want to do our part."

The Bundesliga introduced championship stars ahead of the 04-05 season. The first and second division clubs that have won titles since the inception of the Bundesliga in 1963 have since worn stars on their shirts.

Unlike in Italy, where teams will get a star for every 10 league titles that they win, the formula is more complicated in Germany. Three title wins are enough to get one star, while Bayern's 29 so far only translated into four stars.

Bundesliga Stars Rule:

  • 1 Star: 3 titles
  • 2 Stars: 5 titles
  • 3 Star: 10 titles
  • 4 Star: 20 titles
  • 5 Stars: 30 titles
  • 5 Stars: ??? - Not Defined Yet

Here's a list of the Bundesliga teams that have championship stars on their kits:

  • 4 FC Bayern München (29 titles)
  • 2 Borussia Dortmund (5)
  • 2 Borussia Mönchengladbach (5)
  • 1 SV Werder Bremen (4)
  • 1 Hamburger SV (3)
  • 1 VfB Stuttgart (3)

It remains to be seen how the fifth star would be applied on the Bayern Munich 21-22 kits. When Bayern added the fourth star in 2008, a large stock of the home kits had already been produced and the star was put on the shirt in an awkward position above the existing three.

The away and third, which were released later, were the first to feature the proper placement of the fourth stars.

In case you missed it, the FC Bayern 21-22 home (and away) kits already got leaked.

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