Inter Milan's New Colors & How They Will Be Used For Kits

Inter Milano released an all-new logo on March 30 2021. The logo redesign did not only include a new crest but also new colors - we take a closer look at them.

Inter Changes Blue Color - To Be Used On 22-23 Kits?

The colors of the club were defined by Giorgio Muggiani in 1908

New Internazionale Milano 2021 Logo Colors

The new Inter Milan 2021 rebrand includes three (or four if white is counted) colors for the club - blue, black and yellow.

The previous light blue has moved closer to midnight blue, thanks to the shades of Pantone 286, judged to be the most effective.

A "strong, bold yellow" replaces the previous golden color. However, "gold will still be used on specific merchandising items".

Black remains as deep and full as possible.

In fact, the Inter Milan 21-22 home kit is set to have an all-golden Inter crest.

Gold will still be used on specific merchandising itemsIt is not known if Inter will have an away / third shirt with the new yellow color in the 2022-23 season, but the Inter 2021 fourth kit might be a first indicator.

Inter Concept Kits With New Blue

Inter Concept Kit With New Yellow

We have created an Inter Milan kit with the new yellow color, while concept creator Marcos Conflicto created an Inter home concept with the new blue and the traditional black.

The founder of the design studio that created the new Inter Milan crest, Mirko Borsche, also talked about the colors.

"The colors of the club were defined by Giorgio Muggiani in 1908, when he drew the original crest on the night of 9 March. Each color has a separate and specific significance. Ever since the club was founded, the Inter team has almost always worn black and blue stripes, earning them the nickname Nerazzurri.

For the last 110 years, the Inter colors have only changed in gradation. We did the same. The blue is now more intense compared to the old azure. The new saturation brings a modern and digital touch. The same applies to the gold. It appears now as a vibrant and powerful color – similar to the gold used in the iconic '90s jerseys"."

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