Next-Gen Nike CTR360 Maestri 4 2014 Boots Leaked? Never Released Because Of Revolutionary Knitted Magista

In early 2014, Nike revolutionized football boots forever with the all-new high-cut knitted Nike Magista Obra football boot. Now pictures of a very interesting Nike CTR Maestri football boots were leaked by boot collector @joshtossell.

The prototypes also look similar to the Nike Tiempo Legend 5 2014 bootsAccording to @joshtossell, the Nike CTR Maestri boots are an "old Nike CTR sample". They could be prototypes of the next-generation Nike CTR Maestri 4 that were never released because of the Magista. They also look similar to the Nike Tiempo Legend 5 2014 boots, however.

Designed for playmakers, Nike’s CTR360 Maestri was a specialized soccer cleat that filled a void in the market with Kanga-Lite leather, control pods on the strike zone and off-center lacing.

Nike CTR 360 Maestri Prototype Boots

The Nike CTR Maestri prototype boots have an extremely soft upper that looks to be made of real leather, even though it could also be Kanga-Lite 'synthetic leather'.

The cleats have a classic construction, laces and cut. All this looks similar to the Nike Tiempo Legend V soccer boots.

Nike Tiempo Legend V 2014 boots

Design-wise, the prototypes are totally black with an orange insole. The Swoosh is partly visible thanks to some stitching.

Next-Gen Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Boots Leaked

Interestingly, the next-generation Nike Tiempo Legend 9 2021 football boots have some elements that remind of the classic Nike CTR silo and the fourth generation in particular.

The Full History - All Colorways of the Nike Magista Obra

Were you a fan of the Nike CTR? Would you have liked Nike to release the next-generation Nike CTR360 Maestri IV football boot in 2014? Comment below.