2021-22 Kits To Be Not Made by Stone Island - Carlo Rivetti Completes Purchase Of Modena FC

Modena FC has officially confirmed that the deal between Carlo Rivetti's Rivetex S.R.L. and Kerakoll Spa, the owner of the club, has been finalised. The Stone Island's CEO bought the club outright and will replace the current club president Romano Sghedoni.

Sghedoni, who is also president of Kerakoll wrote a farewell message after the announcement. It reads: "Since the beginning of my adventure at Modena in 2018 I knew that sooner or later I would have to pass the baton, as my age requires it to be. This time has come."

"I want to thank you for the time we spent together, for your dedication, your commitment, and above all for your kindness, which will stay with me forever."

He also speaks about the deal with Rivetex in the press release on Modena FC's website: "Modena Calcio is a club with an important tradition and history in the Italian football scene and with strong roots in the territory.

"I am sure the people of the Rivetti family possess the excellent principles and values required to ensure that the Canary will continue to grow further [...]"

More details of the operation of Modena FC's plan for next season will be discussed on June 3rd at the Braglia Stadium.

Unfortunately, any hope of a Stone Island football kit is quashed, as Rivetex confirms in the press release that this is "a personal operation" and "completely unrelated to any other activities that see them involved."

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