6 "Possible" Super League Kit Designs

On 18 April 2021, twelve teams shocked football by announcing plans for "The Super League". The backlash of football fans was immense, and so the project was scrapped after a bit more than 48 hours. Italian football kit experts @football_nerds started a challenge asking designers to imagine how a futuristic Super League kit could look like.

European Super League Logo Revealed

Super League Kit Concepts

Most of the Super League concept kits ditch the traditional looks of soccer jerseys for futuristic yet stylish designs. Some have extremely large logos, others come with things like 'medium-length sleeves" while others have futuristic logo styles that are not possible in real life yet.

The crest style of Man Utd's kit is not possible in real life yetAll these Super League concept kits would be big talking points on social media, and we are sure some of them would sell really well.

Nike Manchester United 2027 Home Kit Concept - Shining in the dark - by @IL_Graphic

Real Madrid by Ixxxic Sport

Nike Inter 2022 - Mercurial Vapor XV kit by @rglrdesign

Nike Inter Milan Away Kit Concept 2027 by @tridente_trdnt

Adidas AC Milan 2007 by Nicola Trivieri (@nicola14704167)

Nike Inter 2027 by @maverfootball

What is interesting is that most of these designs would be not prohibited by UEFA kit rules, so we might see similar kits in the future despite The Super League not happening, at least in the near future... (Nicola's AC Milan and maverfootball's Inter design wouldn't be allowed because of the Three Stripes).

UEFA would now allow all of these designsDo you think football kits will look like this anytime in the future? Which of these Super League concept kits is your favorite? Comment below.