João Félix To Switch Boot Silos?

Update: João Felix is back training with the team. For his first training session of the 21-22 season, he opted for the latest Adidas X Speedflow football boots instead of the Adidas Copa. He has been one of the main faces of the Adidas Copa silo for quite a time.

João Felix Trains in Latest Adidas X Speedflow in First 21-22 Training Session After Injury

Update 5 June 2021: João Félix has been spotted wearing Adidas' upcoming X Speedflow+ again during training with his national team. It is very likely that we will see him wearing the X silo next season, or maybe even during EURO.

João Félix from Atletico Madrid has been spotted with an unusual pair of football boots in training some days ago.

João Felix Trains in Adidas X Speedflow Soccer Cleats

In training for the final match of the season, João Félix wore prototypes of the Adidas X Speedflow+ soccer cleats instead of his usual choice, the Adidas Copa Sense+.

German Youngster Wirtz Gives World's First Look At Blackout Laceless Next-Gen Adidas X Speedflow Boots

Is João Felix Unhappy With The Adidas Copa Sense?There are several reasons why Felix tested the laceless Adidas X Speedflow, one is that he is unhappy with the laceless Adidas Copa Sense and thinks about switching boot silos.

João Félix has been one of the faces of the laceless Adidas Copa since its launch in late 2018.

In the last league match of the season, João Félix wore his usual Adidas Copa Sense+ soccer cleats.

Watch out for Joao Felix's boots in the coming games.

Do you think Joao Felix will make the switch to the Adidas X football boots silo? Comment below.