In Depth: Adidas' Kit Templates For 21-22 Season

Update: Danish club Copenhagen, German club Nürnberg and Portuguese club Benfica all have chosen the same 'Tiger' graphic for their dark alternative 'miadidas' kits. The graphic is based on the Tigres 2019 third kit.

We are pretty sure that each club did not know that the others chose the same look - Adidas might watch out for teams so they do not wear almost the same miadidas kits.

Football kits have risen in popularity in the past 30 years, and the trend is not over yet. However, not all teams get bespoke football kits...

Adidas Recycles Manchester United 20-21 Kit Pattern

Adidas 21-22 Kits Same For Many Teams

In the 2021-22 season, Adidas is giving many of its 'B Teams' no bespoke designs. Instead, many teams are just getting custom colorways with the same graphics.

For example, Benfica's 21-22 home kit has the pattern of the Manchester United 20-21 away kit, and Ajax's 21-22 away kit has the same stripes as LA Galaxy's 2021 away kit.

Recycled kit designs are not a new phenomenonIt is not a modern phenomenon that teams are getting the same (graphic) kit designs. It has been the case since ever brands started to released special-looking football kits, e.g. since the 1970s. But now with the internet and especially social media, it is easier to take notice of it than before.

2021-22 - B Team Designs

While all of Adidas' Elite teams (Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Man Utd, and Real Madrid) get fully bespoke player kits, Adidas' B Teams like Lyon, Celta Vigo and Leicester City often share the same design.

Ajax is set to become an A-Team, and so we think they will get solely bespoke kits in the future.

2021-22 - C Clubs Get Teamwear Kits / miadidas Kits

Many small Adidas teams get kits directly from the catalog.

Cardiff City 21-22 Away Kit Released

What is relatively new is that smaller Adidas clubs can get partly bespoke kits using miadidas, Adidas' customization service for teams.

2021-22 Pre-Match Jerseys - Elite Teams

Adidas has designed just one pre-match design for all of its big teams - Nike is releasing bespoke pre-match jerseys for its biggest nine teams.

2021-22 Goalkeepers - All Teams

All Adidas keepers will wear the exact same kit in the 2021-2022 season - Adidas Condivo 21 GK.

Which other Adidas teams got the same or old kit designs in 2021-2022? Comment below.