Coventry City 21-22 Home Kit Released

We have kit news from the Championship as the new Hummel Coventry City FC 2021-2022 home and goalkeeper jerseys were released today.

Coventry City Hummel 2021-2022 Home Shirt

Check out Hummel's Coventry City 2021-22 home football shirt below.

The Hummel Coventry City FC 21-22 shirt features the Phoenix prominently on the chest, rising from flames at the bottom of the shirt. The Phoenix is a famous symbol of Coventry, representing New Coventry reborn out of the ashes of the old, and added to the City’s Coat of Arms in 1959.

In terms of colors, the Hummel Coventry City 21-22 home football shirt is classic sky blue with navy detailing. The shirt also features a classic round collar, harking back to the style used in the 1960s.

‘Sky Blues’ is on the rear of the shirt, while the words ‘While We Sing Together’ are on the inside of the shirt.

A Sky Blue and Navy Blue Two-Tone pattern is on the sleeves of the Hummel Coventry City 21-22 football shirt – replicating a style used in the 1996/97 home shirt.

Coventry City Chief Executive Dave Boddy said:

“This is a superb design once again, as it is testament to the team at Hummel and the work put in behind the scenes at the Club too. This is a fresh and exciting style that will hopefully prove popular and memorable for fans this season and for years to come.

“It prominently features the Phoenix, a famous symbol of Coventry, as we return to the City. Of course, as football and the wider world looks to recover from the effects of the pandemic, the Phoenix rising from the flames is entirely appropriate."

Hummel Coventry City 21-22 Goalkeeper Home Jersey

This is the new Hummel Coventry City FC goalkeeper home jersey for 2021-22.

The Hummel Coventry City 2021-2022 goalkeeper home jersey is black, based on Hummel's 21-22 keeper template.

Available since July 9, the Hummel Coventry City FC 2021-22 home and goalkeeper jerseys retail at 47 GBP.

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