Adidas Predator Pulse 'Legends' Remake Boots Released

Official: The Adidas Predator Pulse 2021 remake boots were launched today as part of the 'Legends' pack.

Adidas Predator Pulse 2021 - Black/Zero Metallic/Gold Metallic

Check out the new Adidas Predator Pulse 2021 soccer cleats in black/white/gold below.

A stunning look, Adidas' new Predator Pulse 21 football shoes combine a black base with white Three Stripes and golden applications. The Pulse elements are white, the tongue, parts of the sole plate, and the inner sole are golden. Officially, the colors are Black/Zero Metallic/Gold Metallic.

Tech-wise, the new Adidas Predator Pulse 2021 boots are the same as the classic Pulse from 2004, with the exception of the sole plate.

Launched in 2004, ten years after the original Predator, the Adidas Predator Pulse silo is designed for more power, swerve and control.

Adidas Pulse Predator 'Legends' - Features

  • PowerPulse technology to redefine control, swerve and power
  • K-leather for excellent ball feel and fit
  • Predator technology for more power, swerve and ball control
  • Modern Predator Freak Split outsole (same as Predator 20.1 sole plate)
  • Price: USD 350 (EUR 350, GBP 300)
  • Colorway: Black/Zero Metallic/Gold Metallic
  • Release date: 3 December 2021

The new Predator Pulse 21 cleats from Adidas went on sale on 3 December, 2021.

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