Error? Adidas Sells Argentina Rio 2016 Olympics Kit

Argentinean football kit fan & designer @eial_90 has made an interesting found - Adidas is selling the Argentina 2016 Rio Olympics kit online, likely by error. Is Selling Argentina 2016 Olympics Kit (No 3 Stripes, No Logo)

Created for the Rio 2016 Olympics, the Argentina 2016 home shirt comes without the famous Adidas Three stripes and without the usual logo. This is to apply to all the Equipment Regulations of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

We are pretty sure that the pictured shirt is the Match Issue jersey produced for the players for 2016. It also features a number for the size in the collar, a feature of Adidas' Match-Issue Kits.

Argentina 2016 Olympics Kit Revealed

The shirt available on Adidas' Argentinian website has no logo, while the kit in Rio five years ago featured a special Argentina Olympics logo.

Design-wise, the kit is based on Argentina's Copa America 2016 kit.

The retails at a price of 7.999 Argentine Pesos, which equals 70 Euro.

However, it is almost certain that it was an error that is was added as the shirt is available in the three smallest Kids' sizes (4, 6 & 8 years).

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Does anyone of you own a Match Worn / Match Issue Olympics kit? Would you like Adidas or Nike to sell Olympics kit editions? Comment below.