New Czech Republic Football Association Logo Unveiled

The Football Association of the Czech Republic (FACR) today presented an updated visual identity and logo, replacing the design from 2011 and becoming the 14th since the first one was launched in 1901.

Czech Republic Football Association Logo (2021)

Check out the old and new logos below.

The new logo brings with it a simplification of the overall design to bring it more in line with the logos on the kits, as well as a new design for the rampant lion at the center of the shape. The colors of the Czech flag are once again represented in the shapes and borders.

The initials of the federation FACR appear atop the badge, with a stylized football at the bottom.

Part of the federation's celebrations for the 120th anniversary, the redeveloped visual identity will also bring a new national team badge "this fall" - that version of the logo will then appear on the new kits for the World Cup next year.

Current national team logo on the Euro 2020 away kit

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