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No More Le Coq Sportif: Saint-Étienne Sign Hummel Kit Deal - 22-23 Kits to Feature All-New Club Logo

Confirming previous reports, French Ligue 1 club AS Saint-Étienne change kit suppliers from the 2022-2023 season.

ASSE were just relegated to the Ligue 2.

Hummel to Make AS Saint-Etienne Jerseys From 2022 Until 2027

Hummel will make the kits of ASSE from the 2022-23 season for five years, until 2026-27. The deal was been sealed by the marketing agency Sportfive.

ASSE will start using the new logo on July 1

The deal is starting July 1, 2022. Hummel will design and manufacture the bespoke game and training kits for the men's soccer teams, women's, the club's academy, and Foot Armchair, as well as a complete range of derivative and Fan products.

AS Saint Etienne 2022 Logo

Strangely, the deal was announced with the old club logo. The club, however, said that the 22-23 kits will feature the new AS Saint-Etienne logo that was chosen by a portion of ASSE's fans earlier this year. The first hummel AS Saint-Étienne kit will be available from July 1 and will be launched at a special event.

Adidas' last kits for the club

It is the first time that Hummel makes the kits of the historic French club. Before Le Coq Sportif took over in 2015, Adidas had been making the club's kits for ten years, since 2005.

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