Why Manchester United Wears No Yellow Numbers With Third Kit In Premier League

If you have seen images of Manchester United debuting their new 2021-2022 third kit in the Premier League last weekend, you might have wondered why they did not wear yellow numbers but white ones.

Premier League Typeface Just Offered In 5 Colors

Manchester United decided to use white numbers as the official Premier League typeface is just offered in five default colors - white/black, black/white, red/white, hi-vis yellow/white & navy-blue/white.

Other leagues with a streamlined font allow teams to recolor it

As the yellow of the EPL font is very different from the yellow of the Manchester United kit, Manchester United opted for the white typeface.

In the UEFA Champions League and other cup matches this season, Manchester United can wear their own typeface in the perfect shade of yellow.

Manchester City had the same problem with their 2021-22 away kit from Puma. They decided to use the black Premier League typeface, while the cup font comes in the correct "Ocean Depths" color.

The current Premier League font was launched in 2017

Tottenham, meanwhile, wore the "yellow" Premier League font with their new 21-22 away kit. It more or less matches the Volt color of Nike, even though the white border is unfitting.

Other leagues with a streamlined font like the MLS, Serie A, and La Liga allow teams to recolor the typeface to perfectly fit their kits.

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