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All 21-22 Champions League Kit Combos

The 2021-2022 UEFA Champions League season might bring us some special kit combinations. Now we get a look at all the different kits teams have registered for the 21-22 UEFA Champions League group stage. Big thanks to @cof_2015.

2021-22 UEFA Champions League Group Stage Jerseys

Most teams in the 21-22 Champions League season have registered three main kits. However, many have registered quite a few kit combos, and Sporting CP even registered four different jerseys.

Noteworthy kit combos

A few kits registered are quite interesting. BVB is set to only use the "innovative" Puma design instead of their usual kits as the only Puma team, while PSG have registered an alternative home variant with red shorts.

All Premier League teams have registered at least one special kit combo.

Two unreleased kits are featured in the file

With UEFA's strict kit regulations, it is well possible that we will even see another combo not featured here.

Two unreleased kits are also visible - Sporting CP's white fourth jersey and Brugge's light blue third kit.

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