FC Barcelona Have No Nike Contract Since 2016

FC Barcelona and Nike are working together with Nike without a contract since 2016, according to Spanish news outlet EFE.

Nike have produced kits for Barcelona since 1998, but there hasn't been a contract in place between the two since 2016. There have been pre-contract agreements but not a finalized deal. This is due to various reasons, but now there is hope that a deal can be reached.

Nike And FC Barcelona Did Never Sign The Deal They Announced in 2016

In May 2016, then-president Josep Maria Bartomeu announced the extension of Barcelona's deal with Nike until 2028, despite the agreement at that time not expiring until 2018. According to sources close to the negotiation process, the deal agreed in 2016 was set to be signed two years later. It included a favor from Nike to Barcelona, who wanted immediate cash to fund the club's objectives.

The contract agreed in 2016 was never signed due to three seasonThere has been no contract signed firstly due to differences of opinion, the COVID-19 pandemic and the election of the new president.

In July 2018, when it was time to sign the contract, there were complications about how profits would be distributed between Nike and the club.

In early 2020, the two were about to sign the contract just before the pandemic, however, but the arrival of COVID-19 stopped it. The deal was then further delayed when the club held the election for a new president.

Nike believe it overpays BarcelonaNow there have been talks between Barcelona president Joan Laporta and Nike to eventually come to an agreement on the deal, but nothing has been finalised as of yet.

The American company aren't happy that a concrete agreement hasn't been reached. The relationship between Nike and the club "isn't good and that the Oregon-based company believe they are paying over the odds in the current market".

Nike currently pay the Camp Nou side 105 million euros per season, which can reach 155 million with variables.

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