Juventus 2022 Teamgeist Collection Leaked

Official pictures of the other Adidas x Juventus Teamgeist collection pieces have been leaked.

The most interesting item in the collection - besides the jersey - is certainly the tracksuit, which consists of a track top and matching pants in the style of the 2006 template. In addition, there are a t-shirt and a sweater that are quite basic and mostly connect with the others due to their colors.

Juventus 2022 Teamgeist Collection

Juventus Teamgeist Jersey (€70)

Mainly blue, the adidas Juventus 2022 Teamgeist football shirt combines this base with golden details such as the the adidas logo in the center, while Juventus' new logo comes in its standard version. The 3 Stripes on the shoulders are also golden, as is trim on the sleeve cuffs.

Exclusive: Juventus 2022 Teamgeist Kit Leaked

Juventus Teamgeist Woven Jacket (€85)

Based on the Teamgeist template, the jacket is predominantly "hi-res blue" with gold-metallic and white accents and logos.

Juventus Teamgeist Woven Pants (€75)

The pants feature the same colorway and a very similar design.

Juventus Teamgeist Crew Sweat (€65)

Juventus Teamgeist Crew Tee (€50)

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