Ranking All 21-22 Premier League Third Kits

Since most of them are already officially unveiled - at the time of writing only Tottenham's remains to be released, we wanted to take a closer look at all 2021-22 Premier League third kits and rank them from S to D tier.

Premier League 21-22 Third Shirts - Tier List

All 20 teams released third kits this year, ranking from retro-inspired instant classics (including Arsenal and Manchester United) to very experimental and bold designs (Tottenham and Leicester).

2021-22 Premier League Kit Overview - All Leaked & Released Kits

D Tier - Tottenham, Leicester

C Tier - Chelsea, Norwich, Liverpool, Brighton, Watford, Manchester City

B Tier - Newcastle, Wolves, Brentford, West Ham, Leeds, Burnley

A Tier - Southampton, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Everton

S Tier - Arsenal, Crystal Palace

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