FC Barcelona Unveil Plans for "Future Camp Nou"

On Saturday, FC Barcelona unveiled the latest plans for the "Futur Camp Nou" (Future Camp Nou), which still needs to be approved by the club's general assembly.

This was set to take place on Sunday, October 17th, but the assembly had to be cut short after six hours as the match against Valencia was about to start. The club's members will now reconvene on Saturday, October 23rd, a day before the Clásico.

But let's take a closer look at the updated stadium plans and the latest renders. While plans for the revamp of the stadium and surrounding area, as well as the indoor arena were already approved by the members back in 2014, little work has been done so far. The new management saw it necessary to get approval for updated plans which reflect a change in cost and new challenges compared to seven years ago.

As for the stadium, the updated plans retain the "open, Mediterranean character" with wide terraces of project that won the architectural competition, submitted by Japanese studio Nikken Sekkei. Updates to the proposal include the fact that the first tier would not be rebuild, which would allow all season ticket holders there to retain their places, as well as moving the VIP boxes up to between the second and third tier and doubling their number. The capacity of 105,000 would not change under the new plans.

If approved, the board look to finance the required 1.5 billion euros, 900 million of which are reserved for the stadium, over a period of 35 years. Club CEO Ferran Reverter stated that "this project is not only necessary, but it is essential to maintain competitiveness in sports and economics in the future."

More details about the plans can be found on the official FC Barcelona website.

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