Germany to Give Free Jersey to All Fans Attending Liechtenstein Game

Germany are trying everything to get the stadium full, or at least close to that, for the 2022 World Cup qualifier against Liechtenstein in Wolfsburg on November 11, 2021.

Today, it was announced that every visitor to the stadium will receive a free Germany home shirt (only men's L)

Tickets cost between €25 and €70 and are still available in decent numbers. Another possible reason for that, besides the weak opposition, could be that the so-called "2G rule" applies for the event. This means that only people who've got vaccinated against or have recovered from Covid-19 can attend.

Although not specifically mentioned, the shirts given away will most likely be replicas. But considering the RRP of €90 and the fact that they still cost €45 on, it makes for a great deal.

Due to various reasons, including Germany's weak performance at the Euros this summer and the coronavirus pandemic, it's safe to assume that the 2020 home shirts have not sold all too well. And with the World Cup set to take place just over a year from now, a new set of shirts will be released in the coming months.

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