Milan 22-23 Third Kit to Be Banned by Serie A?

Update: The AC Milan 2022-2023 third kit was leaked. It confirmed the previous info that it might be in conflict with the new Serie A equipment regulations that come into effect with the 2022-2023 season - green(ish) kits are banned with a few exceptions.

The Milan 2022-23 third kit is not a pure green color but surely of a green hue. Other Serie A teams have not released any greenish player away or third jerseys. Puma's military green third kit is surely a hardship of the new rule.

Home and goalkeeper kits are excluded

Sassuolo are allowed to keep their traditional green as player home kits are excluded, just as goalkeeper kits are.

Original Article - 31 October 2021: Milan's new 2022-2023 Puma third kit could be in conflict with Serie A's new equipment regulations.

From the 2022-23 season, Italy's Serie A ban the use of green kits for outfield players for television clarity. Players can merge with virtual ads, which happens more often when they wear green kits that are similar to the color of the pitch.

Not only kits that are green sometimes merge with virtual ads...

"Green" Milan 22-23 Third Kit Possibly Banned Because Of Serie A's new Green Kit Policy

The new Milan 22-23 third kit combines Dark Green Moss & Spring Moss, two colors that are very similar to the color of muddy pitches.

Puma's Milan 22-23 third colors definitely fall into the green spectrum

When searching for a "green color palette", Milan's 22-23 third kit colors definitely fall into the category of green.

As Serie A's rules have never been applied yet, we will have to wait until at least August 2022 to find out if Serie A will allow Milan to wear their green kit. For us, it seems possible that Milan will never wear their kit in the Serie A next season.

Milan's third colors are very similar to muddy pitches

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