Pogba Arm Sleeve Kit Mock-Ups - Change For The Better?

What if Paul Pogba would wear arm sleeves matching the design of the respective kit worn by the French midfielder? We imagined how it would look.

Pogba has been wearing arm sleeves for more than 6 months now. Pogba started to wear them because he had pain in the elbow. His compression sleeve is made by the French brand BV Sport.

Paul Pogba Arm Sleeve Mock-Ups

Our arm sleeves mock-ups aim to match the design of the respective shirt worn by Pogba. For France's home, we continue the hoops, for France's away, we continue the Flag side stripe detail, for Man Utd, we changed the black color for red with white ends.

Or mock-ups reveal that especially France's 2020 home and away kit designs work great with the arm sleeves.

We are very certain that Pogba will not start to wear custom-designed arm sleeves. There is no reason to do so despite some aesthetics.

Would you like Pogba to wear arm sleeves matching the kit design? Comment below.