Adidas Chile 2021 Kits Still Not Available to Buy - Here Is Why

Chile released their new 2021 Adidas home and away kits over a month ago and have already worn them in several matches, however they are still not available to buy yet.

Adidas Chile 2021-22 Home & Away Kits Revealed

Chile 2021 Home Shirt

On Adidas' Chilean website, for members only, there is currently a raffle going on for a chance to win the Chile 2021 home shirt. At what point the jersey will be available in their regular stores is something Adidas has not revealed, though.

The reason for Chile's home kit not being available to buy yet is because it is bespoke. Had it been based on regular Adidas teamwear, it would probably be on sale already.

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However, the 2021 kits were released on such short notice that Adidas likely has not mass-produced or distributed them yet. In most normal cases, Adidas has time to plan out the release of their products years in advance, the deal with Chile started very abruptly.

Why Chile Kit Is Not Available to Buy Yet

  • The deal started abruptly as Chile had contract disputes with Nike
  • Adidas nevertherless released bespoke kits instead of teamwear - it takes time to produce & ship them en masse
  • If Adidas would have opted for generic teamwear kits, they would be already available to buy

Chile 2021 Away Shirt

The situation for the Chile 2021 away shirt might be slightly different. It seems to be based on an Adidas miteam template (mi Competition 21), which theoretically means anyone could recreate it themselves and order the jersey. Most Adidas miteam creations are not sold on Adidas' website, however.

Adidas have been known to occasionally sell clubs' miteam and teamwear shirts online, though. So since the home shirt will be available online, it would not be surprising to see the Chile away jersey on Adidas' website as well, even though it is a miteam creation.

For example, the Benfica third and Nürnberg home jerseys can be bought on Adidas' website, while Leicester's, Hamburg's and many other clubs' miteam shirts cannot.

From 2022 Onwards

It is expected that only this batch of 2021 Chile kits will be delayed for Adidas customers. Chile will receive new 2022 jerseys that would be worn during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, if they qualify. Due to having much more time for these products, Adidas will probably be able to sell them as soon as they are officially released.

Chile will receive new 2022 jerseys for the FIFA World Cup in QatarWhat are your thoughts on this delay? Would you buy the Chile 2021 kits? Comment below.