Ajax Respond to UEFA's Ban of Three Little Birds

UEFA have forbidden Ajax to have the Three Little Birds on the back under the collar of the 21-22 third kit. Now Ajax have addressed UEFA’s ban.

The new Ajax campaign is headlined by a video with the title: "A story about Ajax and the Three Little Birds 🦜 🦜 🦜".

That Makes Us Fly - New Ajax Three Little Birds Campaign

The new Ajax video focuses on the song Three Little Birds and the shirt that is an ode to the track and Bob Marley. The campaign comes just ahead of Ajax's Champion's League match against Besiktas and the Champions League debut of the kit tonight.

The Three Little Birds have been a part of Ajax since 2008To celebrate the kit’s first outing in the Champions League against Besiktas, there will be a number of locations where the ‘three little birds’ will appear in the coming days, starting with the birds flying over the iconic Westerkerk in Amsterdam this evening. Usually, the church only flies the national flag on Liberation Day and when a royal baby is born.

UEFA could be forced to recognize the Three Little Birds as a club symbolWith the video, Ajax also underline that UEFA should rethink their rules and the ban of the Three Little Birds in particular. UEFA allow symbols but say the Three Little Birds are no symbol of Ajax.

With the campaign and other actions, the Three Little Birds get even more connected to Ajax - UEFA could be forced to permit them as a club symbol.

In the video, Ajax also address the recent ban of fans in the Netherlands. On November 12, the Dutch cabinet announced that no fans will be allowed at football games in the Netherlands for three weeks to combat rising coronavirus cases.

Do you think UEFA should allow the Three Little Birds as a club symbol of Ajax? Comment below.