Did Adidas Only Create a Long-Sleeve Home Kit For Ronaldo?

Manchester United kit supplier Adidas do not offer each of the club's kits in each player's preferred version, images from recent matches and Cristiano Ronaldo suggest.

Adidas Create Long-Sleeve Kit For Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United 21-22 Away & Third Kits Not Available As Long-Sleeve Authentic Versions

In the last two matches away from home, Manchester United did wear their 21-22 away and third kits. In both matches, Cristiano Ronaldo did not wear his preferred long sleeves but short sleeves with an undershirt.

CR7 did wear long sleeves with Portugal in both matches this monthWhen Manchester United are wearing their home kit, Cristiano Ronaldo has always been wearing a long-sleeve version since late September 2021.

With Portugal in this month's 2022 World Cup qualifiers, CR7 wore long-sleeved kits.

Adidas may still supply the club with long-sleeve away and third shirtsAll this makes us believe that Adidas did only supply Manchester United with long-sleeved authentic home jerseys, while the club did not yet receive the away and third kits with long sleeves.

It took until September 29 until Cristiano Ronaldo wore a long-sleeve version of the home kit. It remains to be seen if Adidas will supply the club with long-sleeved away and third authentic kits during the season.

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