Ridiculous: Stewards Clash With BVB In Champions League

If you watched the UEFA Champions League match between Sporting CP and Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday night, you might have noticed an unfortunate uniform choice.

Most Sporting CP Stewards Wear Same-Colored Fluo-Yellow Vests As BVB

Sporting CP's stewards standing around the pitch and on the stands wore more or less the same striking yellow color as BVB. This is surely not optimal for the players.

UEFA banned fluo-yellow and fluo-orange training warm-up bibs in 2018

In fact, since 2018, the official UEFA Equipment Regulations actually ban teams to have fluo-yellow and fluo-orange training warm-up bibs. Kits with these colors are still allowed.

A very few stewards wore orange security vests, not clashing with BVB's kit.

When BVB faced Sporting CP at home, all Dortmund stewards wear non-clashing orange vests. Away against Ajax, the stewards also wore electricity...

Stewards wearing the same color as players have caused problems in the past. Infamously, a player passed the ball to a steward whom he had mistaken with a teammate.

Should the stewards have opted for orange security jackets? Comment below.