The Oddest Kit Makers In Football's History

Having a presence in football can be a powerful marketing tool for sportswear company. This why many have attempted to break into this lucrative market. Here's a look at some of the prime examples. Credits Casacas LuchoLasS to for these findings.

Levi's - Mexico National Team (1978)

When you think of Levi's, the first thing that comes to mind would be their wide-range of fashionable jeans. But there was a time when the American clothing company tried their hands on making football kits.

It was 1978 when Levi's picked up Mexico. Quite a good timing considering the nation qualified for the World Cup that year in Argentina. Sadly, Mexico crashed out that year without registering a single point.

It was Levi's first and also last presence in the football scene.

Corona Sports - Santos Laguna (1996-2002)

Probably the weirdest, most out of place among all the entries here. Corona Group (yes, the exact beer brand that you're thinking of) appeared on Santos Laguna's kit as both manufacturer and main sponsor.

The reason? Santos Laguna ended their relationship with the previous kit maker that year and Corona, who is also the club's owner, decided that they would do things in-house.

Corona Sports would remain on the shirt for 5 seasons before being replaced by Puma.

Converse - Atlético Nacional (2001-2002)

Mostly known for their street fashion clothing and shoes. Converse tried out their skills in football in 2001. Their first customer was Colombian club Atlético Nacional.

Just like Levi's, Converse lasted just one season before tapping out.

Lonsdale - Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland (Early 2000s')

Lonsdale is a brand specialised in boxing equipment. For a few seasons in the 2000s', the brand emerged as kit maker for several Premier League clubs at the time.

As seen here are Birmingham City, Blackburn Rovers and Sunderland.

Palace/adidas - Juventus (2019)

Technically, this is only a collaboration and not an outright take over of a club's kit. But in 2019, fashion brand Palace came together with Adidas to create a special kit for Juventus.

Similar to Converse, Palace is famous for their skateboarding clothing lines. The move was to boost Juventus image outside football.

Emporio Armani - Napoli (2021)

Of course we have to mention this. The most recent entry into football is by Emporio Armani. The Italian fashion powerhouse took over from Kappa to produce kits for Napoli.

For their first attempt, it is actually quite decent. Just maybe slow down with the release a bit.

What do you think of these outside brands branching into football as kit makers? Comment below.