Serie A Announce Puma Sponsorship

Update: Puma and Serie A have today announced a new long-term partnership, which will see Puma become the league's official technical partner, which most notably includes providing the official balls for the league. Like it was the case with La Liga a few years ago, Puma replace Nike as the league's ball brand.

Update: Nike have indirectly confirmed they are leaving the Serie A ball sponsorship, communicating to retailers that there is no 22-23 ball to order from them (via Passione Maglie).

This doesn't come as a surprise at all as information about the Puma 2022-23 Serie A football has already been leaked. With this move, Nike remain with just one major sponsorship in Italy, Inter, who are under contract with the brand until 2024.

Puma Serie A 22-23 Ball Info Leaked - No More Nike After 15 Years

Puma to Make Serie A Ball From 2022-23

Puma will supply the official Serie A soccer ball from the start of the 22-23 season in a deal that officially commences July 1st, 2022.

“We are extremely proud to announce this new partnership - said Lega Serie A CEO Luigi De Siervo -. The link with a brand of international recognition such as PUMA demonstrates the importance and reputation of Lega Serie A at a global level and offers a greater level of visibility for our brand.”
“PUMA is very proud to partner with Lega Serie A and we look forward to many exciting football seasons together,” said Manolo Schuermann, Head of Sports Marketing Teamsport. “The partnership gives PUMA the platform to promote the brand in one of the world’s elite football leagues and will be rooted in collaboration and ambition. This mindset will allow us to produce great product, storytelling and commercial campaigns. We have always been deeply rooted in Italian football and now look forward to creating another legacy together with Lega Serie A.”
Nike was the first league-wide Serie A ball maker

In 2019, Puma already replaced Nike as the official ball maker of Spanish La Liga in a €5 million deal.

Nike have been making the official Serie A match ball since the 2007-08 season.

Before the 2007-2008 season, Serie A did not have a league-wide ball maker but each team were using the ball of their (kit) sponsor.

From 2022-23 on, Nike will only supply one of the global top leagues - the Premier League. The Premier League and Nike have a partnership until 2025.

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