'Sample' Adidas Predator Pulse Remake Boots Leaked - Better Than the Final Version?

Having released their popular 'Legends' pack last week, Adidas had experimented with another look for the black-and-gold Predator Pulse boots from the collection.

A sample of the alternative colorway made its way to boot collector @dlbootroom who shared a number of pictures of it on Instagram over the weekend.

Alternative Adidas 'Legends' Predator Pulse - Black / Gold

This picture shows the sample version of the latest Predator Pulse remake.

Featuring the same colors as the official release, the sample boasts much more gold - rather than just on the tongue, the color is used for the entire front leather part of the boots. The rear, as well as the tongue, are black.

Adidas Predator Pulse 'Legends' - Sample vs Final

The tag on the sample shows that it was produced back on August 28, 2020. The product code GX0219 is the same one used for the official release. It's not clear why Adidas chose the actual colorway over this sample one, but it's cool to get a look behind the scenes like this.

Do you prefer the official or sample colorway of the 'Legends' Adidas Predator Pulse? Comment below, and follow @dlbootroom for more interesting boot pics.