Swastika Pattern? Kagoshima United 2022 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

We have kit news from J3 League today as Kagoshima United have launched their new Angua 2022 home, away and goalkeeper jerseys today.

The home and GK home uniforms feature an unfortunate pattern design that resembles the swastika. The symbol was infamously appropriated by Nazi Germany but has roots in religions and cultures across Europe and Asia.

The designs immediately reminded us of the infamous Fiorentina 92-93 away shirt, which had a design that also resembled the shunned symbol and was discarded for that very reason shortly after being introduced.

Kagoshima United 2022 Home Kit

This is the new Angua Kagoshima United home football shirt for 2022.

The Angua Kagoshima United 2022 home football shirt is red accents and a tonal pattern across the front, back and sleeves.

The pattern resembles the swastika but is actually inspired by traditional Oshima Tsumugi kimonos, a traditional craft that represents the prefecture.

Kagoshima United 2022 Away Jersey

This is the Kagoshima United 2022 away football shirt, made by Angua.

The Angua Kagoshima United 2022 away jersey is white with a different Kimono pattern., combined with black and blue trim on the collar and cuffs.

Kagoshima United 2022 Goalkeeper Jerseys

Check out Angua's Kagoshima United 2022 goalkeeper football shirts below.

Made by Angua. What do you think about Kagoshima United's home, away and goalkeeper shirts? Comment below.