Arsenal 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt Released - Inspired by Jamaica

The Adidas Arsenal 2022-2023 pre-match shirt was finally launched today. It celebrates the club's Jamaican supporters.

With a vibrant display of energy and style, the jersey features a bold, all-over geometric print in green, gold, and black - the colors of the Jamaican flag. With many Jamaicans living in our local community and across the capital, it pays tribute to those who call both north London and Jamaica home.

Arsenal FC 2022-23 Pre-Match Jersey

Check out Adidas' Arsenal 2022-23 pre-match jersey below.

The Adidas Arsenal 2022-2023 pre-match football shirt introduces an outstanding look in yellow with graphics in black and green. This graphic covers the entirety of the Adidas Arsenal 2022-2023 pre-match jersey apart from the collar.

In terms of template, it's based on the same one that we first saw in use for the Real Madrid 2022-2023 pre-match top.

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The various logos on the Adidas Arsenal 2022-23 pre-match jersey - Adidas, Arsenal and Emirates - are black and white to offer decent contrast against the multicolor base.

Made by Adidas. Do you like Arsenal's pre-match jersey? Comment below.