First Nike 2022 On-Pitch Boots Collection Leaked - Blueprint Pack

Update: Portland Timbers' Cristhian Paredes has been spotted wearing the unreleased orange Nike Phantom GT II boots from the Blueprint pack. The collection fully launches on 28 February 2022 according to our information.

The launch of the Nike Blueprint pack had to be postponed from January due to manufacturing problems in South East Asia last year.

Update: The first Nike 2022 on-pitch football boots collection is called "Blueprint Pack", we can leak. The Nike "Blueprint Pack" will be launched on 17 January 2021.

Nike will soon launch their first on-pitch football boots collection of the year, we can leak.

The first Nike 2022 boots collection is called the "Blueprint Pack". The second name is "Gear Up", marking the collection's on-pitch presence, and the second part of the amateur season.

Nike 2022 'Blueprint' Pack - First 2022 On-Pitch Boots Collection

The new Nike 2022 Blueprint pack brings us new colorways for Nike's three main silos - Mercurial, Phantom GT, and Tiempo.

The boots share colors, but that is only visible at second glance

In contrast to the previous Nike pack, the "Recharge Pack", each boot of the new Nike 2022 on-pitch collection stands out with a different main color. However, the cleats share some of the colors despite that is only visible on a second look,

Nike Mercurial Superfly '2022' - Chlorine Blue/Laser Orange/Marina

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite 'Chlorine Blue/Laser Orange/Marina' boasts a fresh look in blue, orange and navy. The official colors are "Chlorine Blue/Laser Orange/Marina":

Nike Phantom GT 2 - Laser Orange / Black / Total Orange

The Nike Phantom GT Elite 2 'Laser Orange / Black / Total Orange' boot has a striking color combination with shades of orange used throughout the upper. Some small details like the swooshes will be in black and grey.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 - Team Red/White/Mystic Hibiscus

Nike's new Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleats evoke memories of the possibly best Tiempos in history - the red ones.

The first Nike 2022 On Pitch football boots pack, the Blueprint Pack, launches on 24 Feburary 2022.

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