Nike Have Production & Delivery Problems

Nike are having some supply problems, we can reveal. This becomes greatly evident with the Tiempo football boots - The Swoosh is set to release two new boot collections very soon, but fans of the Nike Tiempo Legend soccer cleats might have to miss out on them.

The launch of the PSG 4th kit was delayed to February 10

Nike Have Had Delivery / Production Problems In Vietnam & Indonesia

On Nike's website, there are three colorways of the high-end Nike Tiempo Legend IX boots available to buy. However, the latest paint job from the Recharge pack is not available. There has been no new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 paint job available since August.

No new Tiempos: Nike lost 10 weeks of production in VietnamNike did not announce anything official about why the latest Nike Tiempo Legend 9 soccer cleats are not available. However, everything indicates it is because of manufacturing and delivery problems.

Nike make about three-quarters of their shoes in Southeast Asia, with 51% and 24% of manufacturing in Vietnam and Indonesia respectively. Nike said it incurred 10 weeks of lost production because of a shutdown in Vietnam for several weeks from July into September because of COVID-19.

The boots of Nike's best pro players are produced in Montebelluna, ItalyThe general Nike Tiempo Legend 9 football boots are being produced in Vietnam.

We can already reveal that Nike's next boot collections, the Blueprint Pack and Shadow Pack, will also lack the high-end Nike Tiempo Legend 9 boots for the time being.

Nike will surely supply their best players with the new Tiempo boots - the player-exclusive cleats are made in Nike's famous factory in Montebelluna, Italy.

Nike's Premier 3 FG was also postponedOther Nike football boots like the Premier 3 were also postponed. Originally scheduled to launch on 1 December 2021 globally, the Nike Premier 3 FG cleat is only available in Asia yet - we think they are currently shipped to the rest of the globe. In other countries, the Nike Premier 3 FG has been not released yet. The Nike Premier 3 are also produced in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, there seems to be no major supply problems with the high-end Mercurial and Phantom GT. The Mercurials are produced in China (and Bosnia & Herzegovina), the Phantom GT in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Nike also have problems with releasing kits in time. The launch of the Chelsea and Liverpool 2022 pre-match jerseys are was postponed for a few weeks, and the PSG 21-22 fourth kit launch was delayed to February 10, 2022.

Not only Nike are having problems with releasing new products in time. Adidas have had problems delivering the 2022 collections of their Elite Clubs, and Puma have postponed their boot releases by several months.

Adidas and Puma have had problems as wellFor example, Adidas could not supply Arsenal's Women's team with the new 2022 training collection, and the launch of the 2022 pre-match shirts for their big teams were also postponed or possibly even scrapped (Real Madrid?).

Puma's Flare Pack was scheduled to launch on 15 November 2021 but ultimately came out on January 20, 2022 (USA: 10 February).

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