Manchester United 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt Revealed

Manchester United have debuted their 22-23 pre-match jersey. It gives us the first look at how it looks with the Tezos sponsor logo on the front. The shirt is not available to buy with the sponsor yet.

The Adidas Man Utd 22-23 pre-match jersey is made by Adidas. It introduces a 1990s-inspired design.

ManU 22-23 Pre-Match Football Shirt

This is the Manchester United 2022-23 pre-match shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Manchester United 22-23 pre-match football shirt combines the club's famous red, black and white colors in an outstanding 1990s-inspired design.

Indeed, the design is the same used for the pre-match jerseys of other Adidas top teams like Arsenal and Real Madrid.

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As Manchester United have no training sponsor yet, the Adidas ManU 22-23 pre-match jersey is sponsor-free.

The ManU 2022-2023 pre-match jersey launches in May 2022 likely.

Made by Adidas. What's your opinion on Man United's pre-match football shirt? Comment below.