No More Nike - Molde FK Switch to Adidas

Update: Molde FK's 2022 Adidas kits will be unveiled in March. This was revealed via the Norwegian club's online store.

Molde could already be seen wearing Adidas jerseys in their pre-season matches, which are based on the Squadra 21 teamwear template.

However, these will almost certainly not be the 2022 kits for the regular season.

No More Nike - Molde FK Switch to Adidas

About one month ago, it was announced by Molde FK that they would be leaving Nike for Adidas. The new deal with the German sportswear brand started at the beginning of January, 2022.

Molde Leave Nike for Adidas

At the end of 2021, Norwegian club Molde FK released an official statement announcing a departure from Nike, who had outfitted the team for the past eight seasons.

Unfortunately for Molde, their kits were never designed directly by Nike. The shirts were chosen from the brand's teamwear collection, which usually made them quite bland.

Whether the situation with Adidas will be any different remains to be seen, however, it is certain Adidas will also not be designing Molde's kits directly. Either they will receive standard teamwear once again or they might create their own Adidas jerseys via miteam, the company's kit customization service.

For comparison, fellow Norwegian club Rosenborg receive mostly Adidas miteam creations rather than basic teamwear designs. This would certainly be the preferred option for Molde FK as well.

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