All-New Nike Phantom Boots Spotted - Not Called GT Anymore

Update: FC Bayern München's Johua Kimmich has been spotted with what is expected to be the next-gen Nike Phantom. We have information that they WON'T be called Nike Phantom GT 3. Instead, Nike will ditch the GT from the name and give them an updated naming. Thanks to @bootsclub for the pictures.

Johua Kimmich Trains in Next-Gen Nike Phantom Boots - Not Called "Nike Phantom GT 3"

Update: Phoenix Rising player Aodhan Quinn has been spotted wearing the next-gen Nike Phantom GT football boots, probably in a low-cut model without the lace-covering system. Thanks to @bootsclub for the spot.

Aodhan Quinn Wears Next-Gen Nike Phantom GT Boots

Update - February 17, 2022: Inter Milan midfielder Roberto Gagliardini has again trained in the next-generation Nike Phantom GT 3 football boots. He gives us the first look at the instep of the revamped cleats.

5 January 2022: Roberto Gagliardini Trains in Nike Phantom GT 3 Boots

Roberto Gagliardini of Inter Milan was spotted wearing blackout boots in training yesterday, giving us a first look at what is almost certainly the next-generation Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite.

Gagliardini is a regular of the Nike Phantom GT. This makes us very sure that he was wearing the next-generation Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite soccer cleats in a prototype version.

Roberto Gagliardini Trains In Next-Gen Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite Boots

The next-gen Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite soccer cleats are very, very different from the current generation. It boasts three very interesting elements - the upper texture, a lace cover as well as a very interesting sole / external heel counter.

The upper of the next-generation Nike Phantom GT 3 Elite boots come with a multiple arrow 3D pattern for increased ball control and curve.

Similar to the Nike Phantom VSN, the Nike Phantom GT 3 comes with a lace cover. It is not a laceless cleat.

Nike Phantom Vision Lace Cover - via Soccer Cleats 101

Three remarkable elements are totally different from the current generation

The back sole/heel counter area is different from anything we have seen for a Nike football boot so far. There is a thin material between the heel counter of the soleplate and the upper.

We can exclusively leak that Nike will not launch the next-generation Nike Phantom GT 3 boots before August/September 2022. In summer 2022, there will be new colorways of the current-gen Nike Phantom GT 2 but no next-gen boots.

Nike will launch the next-gen Phantom GT 3 in late 2022 likely

In fact, we can well assume that the Nike Phantom GT 3 boots will make their debut shortly ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

There is also a small chance that Nike will launch a "new" football boot silo to replace the Phantom GT, but it is unlikely.

Stay tuned for more about what is certainly the next-gen Nike Phantom GT III.

Meanwhile, Simone Inzaghi was wearing the Copa Mundial with blacked-out stripes.

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