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On Pitch: Colorful Mainz 21-22 Fastnacht Kit

Tonight in a 3-2 home win against Bayer Leverkusen, Mainz 05 wore their special Fastnacht kits, made by Kappa. They were released last month and now we get to see what they look like when worn on-pitch by the players.

Mainz 05 Wear 21-22 Fastnacht Kit

As always, the 21-22 Fastnacht shirt features the traditional colors of red, white, blue and yellow. This was combined with Mainz's typical checker-like pattern, printed all over the front of the shirt.

The shorts are red, with the socks again featuring the same four colors, this time in the form of hoops.

What do you think of Mainz 05's Fastnacht jersey and how it looks on-pitch? Comment below.