Adidas to Lose Various English League Kit Deals

Update: We can reveal new information about the future of several UK Adidas kit deals.

Cardiff City: Adidas ▶ New Balance

Cardiff City are set to switch to New Balance.

Fulham: Adidas For At Least Another Year

Fulham will stay with Adidas for at least another season.

Ipswich: Adidas Deal Ends In Summer 2022

Ipswich Town's Adidas deal also ends in summer 2022. We have no info if they will get a new kit manufacturer or if Adidas will stay.

Leicester City: Adidas Deal Ends In Summer 2022

There is no info on Leicester City's kit maker for the 2022-2023 season yet. Adidas might make Leicester City's kits in the 22-23 season as well.

Sheffield United: Adidas ▶ Errea (Likely)

Sheffield United will certainly ditch Adidas for Errea. The Italian brand will likely supply the kits for the whole 'United World' umbrella - Sheffield United in England, Beerschot AV in Belgium, Châteauroux LB in France, Kerala United in India and Al Hilal United in the UAE.

Original Article: 16 March 2022: Adidas are set to lose all of their current English Championship teams, we have been told.

Adidas to Lose Cardiff City, Fulham FC, And Sheffield United Kit Deals? Leicester Deal Running Out As Well

Adidas currently make the kits for four Premier League, three Championship, two League One teams, and none League Two teams.

In the Championship, Adidas supply Cardiff City, Fulham FC And Sheffield United.

Cardiff City

Cardiff City FC have been sponsored by Adidas since the 2015-16 season. The current season represents the final year of Cardiff City's current deal with Adidas. There certainly won't be an extension.

Fulham FC

The current deal between Fulham and Adidas officially runs until summer 2023 - this means that Adidas should still make Fulham's kits next season. However, there are chances that both parties will end their partnership one year early. We don't expect the deal to be extended.

Sheffield United

Sheffield United's deal with Adidas expires this summer. It appears highly unlikely that Adidas will continue to make the club's kits. In 2021, they agreed on a short term extension to their partnership with Adidas for one year,

In fact, Sheffield United last summer were reported to investigate the option of bringing production ‘in-house’.

Hummel have secured at least one of Adidas' deals

We have no concrete info about the new kit manufacturer of each team but Hummel should have secured at least one of Adidas' deals...

Adidas could also lose their kit deal with Leicester City after the current 21-22 season.

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