"Football Is Losing Its Soul"

In the past few months and years, many football teams have (radically) changed their logo. Now, this trend disturbs more and more football fans.

Fans Are Not Happy With Logo Updates

The Sheffield Wednesday badge is the wrong way round

Freelance illustrator/animator dan (@hardmandesign) shared a picture with many of the recent logo changes. He just used the caption "Football is losing its soul", and his Tweet gained more than 2k retweets and 35k likes.

The badges are a symbol of how football is losing its soul

This obviously shows off that many football fans are not happy with the logo changes happening recently.

Of course, as further explained by dan, the "badges aren’t the sole reason football is losing its soul, but it’s a symbol of it. Clubs are being turned into businesses and the sport is more of a ball ache than the heart of the club for owners. Brand identity is more important these days which is so sad to see."

This should be a warning for other clubs that are thinking about updating their logo.

Football clubs should not be viewed as brands

Dan greatly explains why soccer teams should think twice before updating their logo. "Football clubs should not be viewed as brands. These are badges, not logos".

Of course, many teams got it right with their new logos, and some like Bordeaux even reverted to their old crests.

Will the trend stop?

It will be interesting to see if the new crest trend will rise or slow down in the coming months and years.

Do you think that the new logo trend will stop soon? Comment below.