Recent National Team Logo Updates: 20+ Teams Including Brazil, Belgium, Mexico and Spain

A huge number of national teams from around the world have updated their logos recently. From the likes of Belgium and Brazil to Bahrain and San Marino, let's take a look at a selection of them.


The new logo was unveiled during new president Rogério Caboclo's inauguration ceremony. Created in collaboration with the Ana Couto agency, the updated identity of the Brazilian federation aims to improve the perception of the brand and "expand public knowledge about all the work done by CBF, which goes far beyond the Brazilian teams."


The new Spain logo is based on the old one but various aspects are changed and / or simplified. The number of colors has also been reduced to just red and yellow - although it has to be remembered that most recent Spain kits already featured a recolored red and yellow version of the badge before.


The new Mexico 2022 logo has a classic-influenced look that keeps all the important elements of the old crest of El Tri.


It is not about a radical revolution, but rather an evolution, since the three most important elements from the old emblem of the Football Association - crown, wreath and Belgian tricolor - were preserved. The letters KBVB and URBSFA make way for the more international sounding RBFA (Royal Belgian Football Association).


The new Uruguay 2018 logo does not come with radical changes but only features some slight updates to make it more modern. The four stars have been moved outside the logo, allowing the AUF logo to be bigger than before.


While all key elements are still there, the shapes have been simplified and, more importantly, recolored to just green and gold.




The new logo introduces a wildly different design compared to the previous one, following the minimalist style established by recent rebrandings such as Juventus in Italy or Nantes in France.

Costa Rica

The new Costa Rica logo draws inspiration from the national flag and its three colors as well as the National Shield, from which it derives its shape.


The new Football Association of Iceland crest to be used on the kits boast an one-of-a-kind look that represent the "country's history, nature and heritage".


A stylish look, the new Cyprus Football Association 2020 logo boasts the shape (Turkish and Cyprus part) as well as traditional symbols of the country. The logo is mainly blue with gold for the border.


The new Gibraltar 2020 logo is totally different to the previous crest. It boasts a modern look inspired by the angle of the Rock of Gibraltar, as seen from the Victoria Stadium.


The new Football Federation of Kosovo logo is totally different to the previous crest. It is blue, golden and white with a typical shield design - the previous crest was circular.


The new Paraguay 2015 logo features a clean design with the iconic colors of the Paraguayan flag, white, blue and red. To create a fresh design, the Paraguayan Football Association removed the contrasting color black and borders of the previous crest. The famous gold star is placed in the centre of the crest.







San Marino

The San Marino Football Federation, founded in 1931, celebrates its first 90 years. To enter a new era, the San Marino Football Federation (FSGC) on Friday unveiled a new brand identity for its federation and national team.


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