Racing Club 119th Anniversary Logo Released

Argentina’s Racing Club have unveiled a special 119th anniversary logo. You may be thinking that surely a special badge for the 120th anniversary would have made more sense, but when looking at the logo it becomes clear why they opted to do it this year instead.

Racing Club 119th Anniversary Logo

The digits of the number 119 have been positioned in the shape of an R, laid on top of the letter C, thus incorporating the club’s initials and the year of the anniversary. An opportunistic bit of design from the badge creator. A star is also placed in the mouth of the letter C. The design references the club badge used from 1918 until 1920.

Racing's current home shirt

The club are currently using the logo as their profile picture on their social media accounts and it also features on the website, but it will not be used on their shirts.

Racing released similar celebratory logos for their 100th and 110th anniversaries.

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