Würzburg, Cottbus, Essen and Münster 21-22 'World' Kits Released

Multiple Jako-supplied teams have released 'World' jerseys in the past few days. All of them were released to promote the company's ongoing «Our Team for a better world» campaign.

Jako's World teamwear kits consist of fabric that was created with recycled plastic, aiming to reduce the environmental impact that jersey production has.

Würzburger Kickers 21-22 World Shirt

This is the Würzburger Kickers 2021-2022 'World' shirt, made by Jako.

The Jako Würzburger Kickers 21-22 World shirt is almost fully black and 'asphalt'. Shirt sponsor BVUK deciced to have their lettering appear with a grassy background to further emphasize the positive effects for the environment that stem from using recycled plastics to create fabric.

Jako combines the Würzburg 2021-2022 World shirt with black shorts and socks.

Energie Cottbus 21-22 World Shirt

Below is the Energie Cottbus 2021-2022 'World' shirt by Jako.

The Jako Cottbus 21-22 World shirt is mainly red with the recognizable circular 'World' writing across the front. All logos appear in white, apart from Jako's, which is hardly distinguishable from the red base.

Preußen Münster 21-22 World Shirt

Here is Jako's Preußen Münster 2021-22 'World' shirt.

The Jako Preußen Münster 21-22 World shirt utilizes the brand's World teamwear jersey in 'asphalt'. Main sponsor Fiege agreed to have the Ukrainian flag and a message of support displayed in their place.

Rot-Weiß Essen 21-22 World Shirt

Below is the RW Essen 2021-22 'World' shirt by Jako.

The Jako Essen 21-22 World shirt features the 'World' design in red, with all logos in white. RW Essen have announced that their 22-23 home kit will consist of recycled plastic just like this one.

The majority of these special shirts is going to be auctioned off and sold to raise money for good causes, ranging from environmental projects to humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

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